Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To catch a snowflake



Should the approach of winter be bleak? no! it should be full of wonderful vibrant winter colours! and I love nothing more than fabulous shades of purple and pink! and that's one reason that I was drawn to these amazing boots from Kristica created as a special limited offer for XYROOM (events run for 3 weeks before rotation)

This divine unisex hair is a current group gift at Dura and the scarf is also a group gift at SMS which comes in 2 colours with and without the brooch option. Gotta love this jumper which is a luckyboard item at Bonne Chance, there's also a mens version in green on the boards.

Now I hate to blog items that are no longer available and it annoys me when I see other blog posts that do as it always seems to be that I only want the item that is not available! however sometimes you put a look together and it's only when you go in store to make a slurl that you realise this error. The great news is in the case there are similar alternatives available. The trousers were a halloween gift at Pesca which are no longer available, however there are some very similar ones in different shades if you like the style. Likewise with the skin (former Zombie popcorn hunt item) but if you want a great freebie gift skin, and you do follow the slurl below the eagle eyed amongst you may still be able to catch the recent zombie popcorn hunt item which although has finished now is still in store.

Hair: 0L current group gift > Dura
Skin: 490L - Monica (former hunt item but other colours available to purchase) > Natural beauty
Eyes: 200L - old moss > Poetic colours
Jumper: 0L - Luckyboard item > Bonne chance
Trousers: 50L - > Pesca
Scarf: 0L - current group gift > So Many Styles
Boots: 99L - Shella Boots - Lilac- By KristicA @ > XYROOM


  1. Gorgeous, lovely post, and lovely outfit. Those boots are AMAZING, especially. Beautiful work, Fauny.