Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Elf set free

The snow melted when landing on Sara's skin. Her pointy ears were hidden under plushy earmuffs. Sara's real name was Twinklie Pinky and she never had seen real snow although she had been a christmas elf for the most time of her life. It had been boring and she never understood why christmas elves never got at least one of the gifts they created. Being a christmas elf meant to be a in a sweatshop for a lifetime. Not only the work was hard. The elves had to listen to christmas songs all the time and all they saw were the big halls where they created the gifts. Sometimes they saw Santa play with the reindeers in the outside or take a ride to some scientists at the northpole where he exchanged some of the gifts for alcohol. It was surprising that there had not been a revolution allready. At least for Sara it was so she started one. And got kicked out, as some other elves too. So finally she had the chance to see real snow and to see a bit more than just gifts.
Pants in the Calendar
There is a advent calendar at 22769 which has a lot of cute gifts in it. The red woolen trousers are the gift which is today in it. They come with two kinds of cuffs (for females and males) and are very comfy and cute. The long shirt or short dress comes from Aoharu. It comes with three kinds of skirt. It is possible to wear just the dress or to combine it with trousers or tights. The hair is the latest relase from Wasabi Pills. It is possible to change the colour of the hairband and of course there is a resizescript included. It is always good to have some short hair as it is very good for pictures. The Earmuffs are one of the new releases from Virtual/Insanity. It is also possible to change their colours with an inbuilt script and they could also be resized with that. They are a great accessory to let a winterish outfit look even more winterish.

Dress: AOHARU_3Way_CablesKnitDress_Gray (200 L$)
Trousers: 22769 ~ red woolen pants (22769 Christmasbag 2011 #14 0 L$)
Earmuffs: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] COLORFUL KNIT Earmuffs (125 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Clementine Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Pose: Purple Poses

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