Sunday, December 11, 2011

Demon jokes

Although the furniture was old and the walls shabby was the club in the bunker one of the most exclusive ones in the city. Asura had absolutly no problems to be allowed to join.Some people thought that she the crown of spikes she had around her head would be a form of a stigmata. Asura always laughed when she read their minds. She was one of the mystical beings in the town. Or even more she was a demon. The story of Jesus had always amused her and she loved to tease the angels she met now and then so she had used spikes to make herself a crown of them. It worked well. It made angels so angry. Now and then they tried to attack her in the club. Asura always pretended to be massivly hurt so that the angels were thrown out. It was way to easy to manipulate humans, angels were way more fun.
Diapop black and sofa
Diapop created a black dress which reminds a bit on the fashion of the 1920s. The set contains black gloves and knee socks. It comes on all layers and the primparts are modifiable. I really like the bell like sleeves for the upper arms. The whole outfit looks very sophisticated in my opinion. Hysteria takes part in the Grunge Soul Project. Their item is a crown of spikes with a fitting tattoo layer, so that it looks like blood would be running out of the wounds the spikes cause.
The couch and the plate of fruits on it come from Libertine. Libertine is a subbrand of Fallen Gods Inc., which sells furniture, decorations and houses. The Couch belongs to the Marquis Set, which is the first Libertine release. It is included in an adult and a mature version. Up to four avatars can sit on the couch. The animations are, no matter if they are for sitting innocently around, cuddling or even closer contact, always well chosen. The couch also gives out several items, for examples grapes which can be used to feed the partner with them. Beside the great functionalty the furniture is very well designed. It looks great in houses and should fit well into clubs too. For more informations take a look at the Libertine blog.
The standing pose does not belong to the sofa. It comes from one of the new sets from Purple Poses.

Outfit: * [DIAPOP] * black betty - dress (199 L$)
Crown: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Gratia plena (60 L$ sold at the Grunge Soul Project)
Sofa: Libertine Marquis Couch (2900 L$ or 4700 L$ for the complete set)
Pose: Purple Poses (10 L$)

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