Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A few of my favs from the Christmas XYROOM

Waaaaah!! way way too many things to blog so little time! so I'll cut the waffle (well as much as is possible for me!) and tell you the things I think you should know about these items. Let's start with the hair which is a current subscribo gift at Exile which also has another style in a black colour.

The biker jacket from Skifija has a colour changeable hud which literally has a million colours and modifiable options and makes for most adaptable item in your inventory (unless of course you have shoes from Skifija too which mostly also offer this hud).

The top has a prim collar which I can only describe as an amazing cleopatra style bib collar - would have loved to have worn it but it didn't look right with this jacket, plus I like the halter-neck look too so in effect you have two looks in one.

These gorgeous shoes remind me of being a small girl and clomping around in my socks with Mummies shoes on (much to her horror)  I love them!! and the socks have 18 changeable colour options. last but not least is the shape which is also an XYroom special and comes complete with a bikini and physics i.e bouncy boobies!

Skin: 99L - Elizabeth skin by Krasota @ > XYROOM
Shape: 75L - Ana shape by D'satre @ > XYROOM
Hair: 0L - subscribo gift - Veronique autumn - Fawn > Exile
Jacket: 599L - Biker Jacket w2 > Skifija
Top: 60L silk top with metallic collar by B!asta @ > XYROOM
Shorts: 0L -  luckyboard item > Salire
Ipod: 0L - Luckyboard item > BUKKA
Shoes & socks: 99L - Gia shoes by Maai @ > XYROOM
Bracelets & rings: 250L - silver webbed set > * a birdsong*
Pose: 175L for set of 5 -  Glamorous life > Juxtapose

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