Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Loving the tweed this season thank you very much! and so the new release outfit from Vero Modero was a huge hit with me! detail on the fabric is superb too although not clearly shown in my pic as i've added a bit of opaque and sepia to give it a little vintage feel.

I happened to stumble across this cute little hair & skin store which is new to me and going to be a firm favourite too I reckon! there aren't many hair styles to choose from at the moment, but what there is I love and for only 100L for the hair I certainly can't complain. Oh p.s Fashionably dead has a half price hair sale too if you're a hair junkie like me.... woot!

Oh yes Woot! being a huge fan of all things WOot I adore these tibetan looking wood bracelets, there is a set for the left & right although I'm only wearing one set in this picture.

Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - Hena2  > ::Mother Goose's::
Hair: 100L - Hair 3/ black > Slow Loris
Beret: 0L - group gift > !1MM
Jacket & trousers: 650L - tweed set - Autumn > Vero Modero
Bag: 0L - Gift (under tree) Lang suede satchel - dark brown > PRISS
Bracelets: 150L - wood bangles  WOot
Skybox: 0L - Subscribo gift - Winter cliff house > The sea hole

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