Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squid of Greed

In the morning when she woke she thought that all had been a dream. Padme had not managed to get into the bed and slept on the floor in her house. When she first moved there she often had strange dreams because of the octopus on the wall. For some time she had thought about painting over it. She even had tested how much colour it would need to cover it. But it didn't work. It wasn't possible to cover the picture. After a while she managed to deal with the dreams and it seemed like her life changed.
Festival of Sin I
The evening in the casino was just typical. She did not know why she went there and why they let her in. Boots and a short dress with a big tattoo really did not fit to the dress code of a casino at least not of the elegant one she went to, but maybe they tought that she would be one of those rich girls who tried to look like they would live on the street. Padme wasn't rich at all but after the night in the casino she was. Her luck was insane. They had to give her a bag so that she would be able to carry home all the money she won. It felt so good she wanted more and more and more. The painted demon on the wall on her house was fine with this and most willing to help.
Festival of Sin II
The festival of sin has started at the weekend and the items there are great. It is intresting to see how sins can inspire creators. Vanitas Vesture made short dresses with a bustle for the back. As all her dresses the textures look great and she manages to create elegance with a simple cut. The dress is available in many colours and the skirt is partly made of mesh, which even fits a small avatars. The makeup and the neckdress belong to a set Miamai sells at the festival of sin. The tattoo comes from Essential Soul. It is unisex and the set contains it in three versions - fresh, faded and faint. Lap has always been a posestore I liked and their greed inspired pile of money poses are fun for pictures. They contain a 5prim poseprop to rezz and money to wear and some piles of money as decoration. The skin from Aura is awesome in my opinion. It is available in five skintones. From light to dark those are Milk, Cream, Honey, Caramel and Expresso. The one on the pictures is the skin in milk. It is available in three makeups. The used one is called used and does not look like there would be much makeup used just maybe a bit of lipgloss and some great eyeliner. The other two have a bit more makeup. There are demos available so its definitly worth to test this skin. Red boots are great to show off and the ones from gos mix the cuteness of laces and bows with battle boots. Which makes them perfect for every roleplayer princess. They are made of mesh and included in five sizes and a non rigged version in the set. With the included hud its possible to change the colour of the inlet of the boots between a flowerish one and black. The boots can be worn up or pulled down. When worn in the pulled down version there is a shadow of the top on the feet. The alphalayer which came with them was too big for my avatar. But the alphas from Duh, do the job well else its always possible to make own alphas. The poses on the lower picture come all from adorkable poses. They belong to the touch me and the legs set which are both also sold on the festival of sin. Pestle and Twig made the skybox which has been used at the first pictures. It has 63 prims and looks quite cool. It even has a door with a little entrance in front of it. The squid on the wall and the pool in the middle fit well together and which isn t visible on the pictures the texture on the ceiling is animated and looks like the water would be reflected. A very nice idea. It has a 21 x 21 footprint so it fits also on small parcels. Festival of Sin III

Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Salacious Dress - Charcoal (190 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin )
Skin: [Aura] Helena - Milk - used (200 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Tattoo: *ES* Koi warrior - Tattoo Unisex (449 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Neckdress and Makeup: Miamai_Lyssa (500 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Boots: [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Red (795 L$ Sold at the Festival of Sin )

1st pic: Adorkable Poses : Legs set (50 L$ one pose sold at the Festival of Sin)
2nd pic: [LAP] -Show Me the Money (50 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
3rd pic: Adorkable Poses : Legs and Look at me set (50 L$ one pose sold at the Festival of Sin)

Skybox: :P&T: Lazybum Skybox (300 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)

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