Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fin problems

Hippos were wise. Ayani Mimpfenbach knew this and so she used one of her rare hipposeeds to grew one. It wasn't ripe yet but allready able to give her advice. And advice was something Ayani needed. Maybe it would have been better to ask before she tried the spell which would make her a mermaid. But somehow she had supposed that everybody would have told her not to do it so she didn't share any of her plans. The result was very visible. Instead of swimming around and singing she got two horns. Not even like antlers or something she could somehow explain like treelike ones it were fin horns. It was not even possible to use them to hang up the laundry, of the tiny panda's she kept, on them. The only thing she liked about the horns was that they fit well to her hair. But nothing more.
Petite with finhorns II
Ayani really needed to get rid of them. A Mimpfenbach with finhorns that was something which would have caused a scandal. So Ayani was studying lots of magic books to learn how to get rid of the fins again. Her little friends helped her. Well not always the pandas always insisted on getting their morning teabath and the cat normaly wanted to play a bit but things seemed to work well. At least that was what she thought. When nearly falling asleep because of the comfy sounds the pandas made in their hot tea Ayani suddenly realized that she was able to hear way better than she ever had done before. It was amazing. And she even was able to move her finhorns in the direction where a sound came from. This was very very intresting in her opinion. The sparkles on her skin glew a bit brighter while she was pondering. Was there a way to use this ability? She pondered while reading with less intrest in her magic books. Maybe it would be better to keep the horns? Finally she had the right thought. Some magicians got paid a lot when they helped people to listen to conversations which took part in some distance. She should be able to listen to that kind of conversation too. Ayani was right about this and she did not need long to start to use her new talent. She actually became one of the most successful spys ever. She got called the living unidirectional microphone.
Petite with finhorns
The petites avatars are just lovely. They have been invented by Yabusaka. He made the system very open so other stores are able to develop items for those mesh avatars, which are as high as a boot and work with normal poses and aos.
The Royale pack from Fallen Gods Inc. comes with three different skin versions and also three versions of the dresses. With the help of a hud its possible to choose between different makeups and with an other hud its possible to choose if the avatar should be full bright, smile and some more things.
Many stores made allready items for Petites. The hair on this avatar comes from Wasabi Pills. They rigged their Orion Hair so that it fits also Petite Avatars. As the hair is long it fits to every fantasy look. Frippery is known for their very detailed jewelry. They used their talents to build wonderful outfits made of roses for Petites. The roses are available in many colours and the sets contain a top and a bottom. The sparkles for petites are an other item from frippery. They are also available in many colours - the ones on the pictures are the ones in rainbow - and the sets contain animated and static versions.
The head fins are wonderful roleplay items from Material Squirrel they have the benefit to come in a version for petites and normal avatars in one pack. So they are great to use when roleplaying for example to be turned into a petite or a petite roleplaying to be turned big suddenly. Beside this they are wonderfully textured and scripted. There are actually several textures included which can be changed by touching the horns and choosing. An other nice extra is that there also animations inbuilt into the horns.
The whole decorations come from the Drowsy hunt. In this hunt you have to search for books which are spread all over the Drowsy sim. It took around two hours to find all 20 items but that time was definitly worth it all of them are very cute and the sim is awesome.
When Mavi Beck made the Picture Perfect poses she had no clue how well those would go with Petites as those were not invented when she made those poses. They are very elegant and great for fashion shoots.

Avatar and black dress: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
Horns: Material Squirrel - Aquatic Head Fins MESH (150 L$)
Roses: Frippery~Rose of Oubliette (150 L$ for one colour, 400 L$ for all)
Glitter: Frippery~Body Sparkles (300L$ for all colours or 100 L$ for one)
All those items are also available at the Petite Avatar Kingdom.

Decorations: all Drowsy Hunt (0 L$ there are 20 Huntitems)

Poses: Miamai_Model Pose_Picture Perfect (50 L$ for one pose 400L$ for all 10)


  1. Ayani Mimpfenbach :) She is so very cute, and the story makes one giggle with mirth. Another great one, Dagmar. :)

  2. Thank you so much Ursula. I really enjoyed writing that one. Sometimes there are items which are simply inspiring. The ones used in the pictures belonged to those.