Friday, September 28, 2012

The Huntress

She had found the horse somewhere in a street. A child might have thrown it away or parents or a mean sibling stole it to cause some desperation. So she decided that it was perfect to help her for a while. Of course if she would ever find something which would suit her need she might send it for a journey to find its real owner but at the moment the horse was hers and she really enjoyed not having to fly all the time. Her wings were fine more like being made of spider cobs and so she walked anyways a lot. The horse was robust, fast and even had a colour she liked.  The Huntress II Although she was very small compared to humans she was one of the best head hunters. People of her size were common in the lands which were her home so this was not really a surprise for her clients. But her love for pink and all the pretty colours was. Most did not realize that this was a benefit for her. Who would think that a cute fairy riding on a pink toy horse could hit leaves flying in the wind with her arrow. The Huntress I
Petites are now around for some time. They are small, cute and fun and the center of their lands - the Petite Kingdom had to move one time before because it was too small for all the wonderful items. This happened again and now it will be on a whole sim. As the first locations of the Petite Kingdom there is a lot built Petite sized and very beautiful. The sim consists of floating Islands which contain not only stores to explore.
The sim will open tomorrow at noon with events and a hunt - called the Crystal Hunt - in which many of the items on the picture will be huntgifts. For example the pink dress from g-field it fits petites and the flowerish look makes it suit the fairy like built of Petites. The set contains also a headdress and wings. The wings on the pictures are deadly besides of being very beautiful. And come from Aurora Elysium. While being wings they contain also a quiver and the set itself a bow. So they are a mix of wings and bow and arrow. It is scripted for spellfire and DCS and offers a wide range of possibilities for example to choose if it should act like a long bow in spellfire.
The brass horse is an other huntgift. It comes from Bare Rose. There is an ao included which allows to ride it.
Yabusaka also takes part in the Crystal Hunt. Their items is a choker in a male and a female version.
The hair is one of the latest releases from Wasabi Pills for Petites. While most of the hair is bound together in a pony tail some streaks managed to break free which looks cute.
The avatar itself comes from Fallen Gods Inc.
 The hunt  at the Petites Kingdom will start at noon SLT at the 29th of  September with celebrations starting at 3pm SLT and going until 9pm SLT.

Avatar: PETITES  + Fallen Gods Inc. Royale PALE (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ Colourpack 500 L$ Fatpack)
Choker: < Yabusaka > Petite Belt Choker Female (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )
Wings and Bow: Falcon Weapons Forge: AURORA ELYSIUM - v2.01 - UNITY - PETITE - (950 L$)
Dress: *GField*<PETITE> Fairy Dress "Stella-B" (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )
Horse: (Petite)::: B@R ::: Pink Brass Horse (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )

Pose: Just a pose

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