Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life in Atlantis, part 1

Live out your dreams and raide money to confront a nightmare all at the Fantasy Faire with Relay For Life!

Theta Marseille, owner and designer of Mermaid Treasure & Boutique has brought out some amazing new and special editions for the Fantasy Faire. I'll happily admit I've taken too many pictures to fit these into one blog post, so for now, I'll focus on one of her donation items.
Jaimie lived, as so many of her kind did, in Atlantis, the city long ago sunk beneath the waves, not by accident or catastrophe as those who dwelt above were fond of saying. It had been a conscious choice, all those centuries ago, to separate themselves from the rest of the walking world. A dangerous choice, not all had survived the transition; but their society had. It had endured beneath the waves, and she played an important role in it. A vital role indeed, though one that let her spend long days in the warm shallows, where rays of sunlight through the water still dappled the sands, helping the lush plantlife she tended there blossom and grow.
She cared for these underwater gardens, making sure there was food and hiding places enough for all the aquatic creatures. Each noon, with the sun high overhead, giving light to her way even in the shadows of the kelp forests; she patrolled the thick wall of greenery which guarded the city from fishermen and other prying eyes.
As the sun began to set, the twilight rays pierced the water, showing her scales and fins at their most beautiful. Tones of shimmering purples and pinks filled her world, dazzling glimmers shone, reflecting from each fin as she swam. The tide was high, it would be a full moon tonight. Even as the sun drowned itself in the horizon, moonlight filled the darkening sky. Ripples high above scattered the light like a discoball for all of Atlantis as the time came for work to end, and for the dance to begin...

Mermaid Treasure & Boutique : FF Donation Item : Sparkly Jaimie Mermaid *NEW*
Special Price for FF 2013 Donation L$300

Main Fantasy Faire TP

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