Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 Is Around The Corner!

FF2013 Poster [Fairies]

... just reminding you, good people, whether you be imaginable or unimaginable critters, fluttering, swimming, walking or galloping in whichever life, First, Second or Umpteenth... the Faire is coming!
... actually, it's just around the corner. Be ready, miracles can happen, you only need a wee pinch of pure faith. You have that somewhere in a half-forgotten drawer, in an old chocolate box, or in your hearts, don't you...? Just look for it and you'll find it, I'm sure.
... Oh my, now let me don my butterfly wings, dragon eyes and magic wand as I've just been summoned to Fantasy Land, and promptly. Meet you there, all of you! Just do as I do, close your eyes, and... see?
    *smiles and waves*


  1. Yes, my dear fellow blogger, polish up your pretty demon horns and hooves, the party is about to start! :D