Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Dragons Never Give Up!

The attack came so quickly that Dracoylea and her people didn’t notice the invaders until it was too late. The humano-dracoids were peaceful beings who lived in harmony with Nature and one another. There were some brawls in Spring, when certain young males were way too eager to mate, and it was dangerous to approach a dedicated mother during the hatching season… but, apart from that, Dracoylea and her fellow villagers enjoyed a happy life.
Fight Back
The attackers came from outer space. Their spaceships were huge metal creations, they stank of overheated engine oil, their voices creaked like a sword on a grindstone... and they wore armours of heavy, battered metal. Dracoylea and her people were frightened, but the terror lasted for a few minutes only. The mothers promptly herded together the hatchlings and they run into the woods. The men and the unmarried women picked up their swords, maces and lancets. They were to defend their home. Dragons never give up, after all.
Dragons Never Give Up
The 2013 Fantasy Faire is up and running on eight breathtaking sims! Just that you get an impression of what it is like, I’m showing you a few splendid items that you can purchase there… and when you buy a FF donation item from any of the special vendors it also means that the sum you pay will finance cancer research IRL. Do you need more prodding, folks…?

When I received the blogger package from Kouse Singh I just stood there with my mouth open and I immediately knew I had to do justice to the splendid ethereal gowns so characteristic of Kouse’s Sanctum. I needed a unique skin for these lovelies, and when I started nagging Charlie Destiny, the owner of De La Soul, that he should give me something worthy, he not only listened to my pleas but promptly dumped a big box on me (ouch, my head still hurts…). :) Together with the marvellous Ceredil Candace skin I was also given a pair of pointy ears that I adore maybe even more that the skin itself. The eyes are from another generous and fantastic creator, Silverr Andel, Lord of the Thousand Peepers; I’ve been wearing his feline and dragon eyes in SL for ages and now I almost feel naked without them. The elaborate staff comes from a Magician’s secret shop… Talevin Whelan looks like an adult Harry Potter and indeed, his staves, wands and portals aren’t less magical than any Hogwarts stuff. I didn't know Filomena Quinnell before, so it was a surprise when I found a giftie bag from her in my inventory; she graciously offered poses, makeup and props to all FF bloggers... the pretty eyeshadow and the pose are her FF donation items.

Please forgive me if I don't give you exact prices and landmarks right now. The first hours of the Faire are a bit hiccupy, so please consult the official blog for any information.
Gown: "Ophelia" in Lavendar by Kouse's Sanctum - FF2013 donation item
Skin: "Candace Ceredil" in Dark Gold by De La Soul - FF2013 donation item
Eyes: "Dragon Eyes" Regal Gaze by Sterling Artistry - FF2013 donation item
Makeup: "Eyelashes 5" in Elegant Gradation by !Musa! - FF2013 donation item
Staff: "Staff of Arcane Rites" by Talevin's Designs - FF2013 donation item
Pose: "Fantasy Pose No. 33" by !Musa! - FF2013 donation item
Necklace: "Apala" by Finesmith - a former hunt gift not available any more
Hair: Tokyo Girl - not available any more

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