Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nymphs and Dryads .:Soul:. @ The Skin Fair 2015

Wafts of music and the hubbub of voices drifted through the gardens from the packed marquee atop the hill.
The garden party was turning into a soiree as afternoon turned through twilight into evening. Lamps were lit around the dancefloor, sweet tunes surpassed by more raucous driving beats, setting the glow worms shining in the trees. "Go down to the river..." the music murmured, singing carried on the breeze. "Come down to the river..." Who could resist such a siren call, the grass beneath her soft and cool, refreshing feet tired from dancing. Down the hill, toward the river, into wisps of mist...
Music was still playing as she woke, music from instruments much closer at hand than the band atop the hill. Deep rhythmic bass croaked from throats all around, complimented with the soft burble of altos, and a strange high soprano, pleasant to her ears, and yet the vague nudge of memory that such a sound had been annoying mere moments before, a mosquito's whine.
Something had happened as she waded through the stream, that much she could feel. The sounds coming from the top of the hill seemed alien, familiar but so strange, like a half remembered dream. She recalled dancing, felt the slow movement of the water bending her steps in a new formation. Other revellers moved from behind trees, rocks, and blades of grass; friends and acquaintances, all had come to the river, and been changed by it. Nymphs and dryads, all were made at the dance.
Did I mention the amazing offerings at this years Skin Fair? I did didn't I...
More proof! As if any were needed, comes in the form of these two beautiful Davina skins from .:Soul:.

Each skin includes the Davina shape in six sizes, XXS to L. Two versions of the skin are included in each tone, with and without brows. Applier packs with the skins in addition to seven tattoo layers for added muscle tone contain appliers for [uL] Booty, Lola's, Lush, Baby Bump, SLink Hands and Feet and SLink Nails.
Appliers are also available separately for TMP, Maitreya, Loud Mouth and Kissers. The mesh mouth appliers are available in a range of styles and tints to compliment both the skin, and your overall look.
Appliers are in tones which are used for all newer skins from .:Soul:. save L$ by only needing the one applier for any skin of that tone!

Shape : .:Soul:. Shape - Davina - XS
Skin : .:Soul:. Davina - (H6) Caramel - Toned - FB
Skin : .:Soul:. Davina - (F8) Jade - Toned - FB
Eyeshadow : .:Soul:. Smoked In Eyeshadow (Tint Me!)
Lashes : .:Soul:. Davina - Mesh Eyelashes
Appliers for SLink Hands, Feet and Nails

Extras! Exras!
Sixteen tattoo layers to change your brows to a spectrum of colours, two tones of eyeshadow you can tint further yourself, and four tones of tattoo layer lip tints.

Buying these lovely skins at the Skin Fair 2015 is via a Gift Card system, so the items purchased can be gifted to a friend, or should you keep them to yourself, be used to obtain redeliveries and updates as needed.

Still here? Go, go, go! Skin Fair 2015 
Click the pics for Flickr, and more of these beautiful skins!

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