Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gangster Style

Being a gangster includes one important thing. The clothing must look good. So while standing in a bar and thinking of how to steal Frankie's car includes also wearing a good looking tux.
Tux: SARTORIA "Positano" Suit Gift Pack (Clothing fair)

Weapons are also important. And cars to smuggle alcohol of course. This wonderful coat comes with a tommy gun (its a real gun and could be fired in mouselock). The creator made a small version for me because i wasn t able to make the normal version smaller. So its possible that girls could wear that coat too.

Coat: StarChild Designs : Dillinger coat (200 Linden)

This tux looks very good under the coat. Its from Nachtmusik a Dandyshop. The texture is very well made. Because of its cut this tux fits women very well.

Tux: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)

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