Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Steampunk in blue

A spaceship isn t the right place for a pretty dress. Especially when you are alone in it so nobody could admire it.
Also its not the right clothing for exploring but you could be sure if you suddenly get an invitation to a local ceremony you will be dressed right.

Harlow Blackadder made this wonderful blue gown. She sells it on xstreet where the dress is also available in red and black. The dress is steampunk, victorian orientated so its wearable in many roleplay sims. Dress: .:Vestiges:. by Harlow Blue Distressed (350 Linden)
Skin: all are hunt items from a mini hunt in 3 stores. You have to search for a golden bag.
left: [ P E R A ] Neon (Fair)
middle: [ P E R A ] Neon (Sunkissed)
right: [ P E R A ] Neon ( Tan )
Monocle: *Sanu Daydreams Monocle Lavender (Lucky chair)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: StarlightEyes_AstralBlue (50 Linden)

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