Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magic Stickey

Once upon a time a little dragon went into a big forest. Suddenly she found a shiney stickey on the ground. She admired the stickey and wiggled her tail excited.
Unable to control herself she grabbed the stickey with her teeth not knowing that it was a wand.
She looked rather confused when she was suddenly turned into a glittering fae. And even more when she saw her feet. What, she thought, those things are feet?
She met a magi who was able to help her to get at least decent feet again. But she still wonders if she will be a dragon again one day.
How will the story end? Will she be released from the curse of the wand she did pick up in dragonish greed?

Here a picture of this wonderful dress. Its from Ruru@pino. A very sweet japanese shop. I got there through a hunt and always loved the items which are sold there. The dress is named Malmelo like the fruits. It comes with the crown and the fitting shoes. I love how shiny it is and also the feathery details at the legs and the skirt. In the store is also a lucky board with a fitting wristlet to the dress. To get to the dress you have to choose the teleport named Outfit in the store.

Outfit: Ruru@Tear [Malmelo] (250 Linden)
Ward: Ruru@Tear [Marmelo&Karin-WAND] (Groupgift)
Paws: Ruru@Tear [Snow Strawberry]-Boots (20 minutes camping)

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