Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprising Results of helping

Machines are not always something a woman likes to deal with. But what do you do if you inherited a giant steam-engine? The inheritance is not the problem but when it breaks you might be in trouble. You need to find a steam-engineer. So ask every Sir you meet for help and if you are lucky,
a engineer might arive the next day on his TMS Electro Induction Flyer.
But how to prevent that he leaves again? If you don't want to pay him you have to convince him with your personality to stay.
So here the outfits we used:
Outfit: 22769 : Vincent (330 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 264 Linden)
Left: 22769 : Tony (450 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 360 Linden)
Right: 22769 : Laurin (450 Linden - during the steampunk hunt 360 Linden)
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Marian-Belle Epoque Afternoon Ensemble(box) (600 Linden at the moment on the Midnight mania board yay)
Outfit: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-55 --SH (Steampunk hunt) (blogged before)
Dress: Dressed By Lexi : Boxed Steamhunt Prize #126 (0 Linden)
Pencil: *BOOM* Stationary Set : *BOOM* Boobie Pencil (0 Linden)

For this blog we used Eyes from Sterling Artistry as always.
The TMS Electro Induction Flyer was on the lucky chair at Twisted Metal SteamWorks & Mysical Forces and is now for sale for 50 Linden.
The couple pose is a huntgift from the shamrocked hunt at wisent animations.

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