Monday, May 17, 2010

Dark kittens

I have to admit i was rather lazy with the dark katz hunt. After not finding the first item I simply had a look at the blog and went to the stores i knew and liked.

So i started with my favourite eye store, Sterling Artistry eyes. And it was quite a good desicion. Silverr made a set of six cat eyes for the hunt. Here are four of them. They look a bit like the dragon eyes but are more cat like.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : Dark Katz 2 - #006 Sterling Artistry (0 Linden)

Then i went to Zenith Fashion and won first a dress on the lucky board.
Outfit: =Zenith=Sweet Dress Pink(Lucky Board 0 Linden)
Necklace: +Fallen Gods Inc. : Elemental Choker and Necklace (Lucky Chair 0 Linden)

And then i found the hunt item.
Outfit: =Zenith= Fur Neko Boots& outfit (Gift Bag) (0 Linden)

This is the dress from the second store in the hunt. I like the cut very much.

Dress: ::DaRk DoLls::^V^DKH>2<^V^ {GIFT} (0 Linden)

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