Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Macabre hunting

I started the macabre hunt because seeing a picture of this jester suit in the top secret blog. And i wanted to stop hunting when i went to the store which gives away this gift. The hunt item is hidden on a mean way and the place was also laggy. But it was worth to take the time to get the item. As it is rather nice.
Left: ::Gehenna:: The Cask Jester (Male)
Right: ::Gehenna:: The Cask Jester (Female)

This skin is from the lucky board at cozy in hell. It comes in six different versions. The makeup is very colourful. The lingerie is from violent seduction and was also hidden rather mean. But it turned out to be smart to join the hunters group as i met somebody i know in it and she helped me a bit.
Skin: {coZy in heLL} Elfi Party (Lucky board 0 Linden but you need to be groupmember to win)
Outfit: Violent Seduction - Lenore [Macabre Hunt Pack]

I have a thing for well made trousers and those are very well made. They go well with this sweet sweater from diapop and the cape from luster. The sweater comes with different versions of the arms and is very comfy.
Sweater: * [DIAPOP] * chunky grey jumper (i think135 Linden)
Trousers: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe : [*RD*]*Macabre Hunt Gift-Male*
Coat: *Luster - Little Red Riding Hood

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