Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hunting at the 9

Its the first anniversary of +grasp+. To celebrate that a hunt through 9 stores takes place. When having found all hunt items its possible to get a special gift from +grasp+. The hunt works with a hud which is getable in every store which takes part in the hunt. So here a picture of some items i got in the hunt. I think its best not to start the hunt at +grasp+ as the bonus gift is also there so its smartest to hunt everything else first.
1. Hair: +grasp+ - Beanie+hair/DarkBrown (hunting9 0 Linden)
Bikini: Miamai_Teka Bikini Pink (hunting9 0 Linden)
2. Dress: -AZUL- grasp hunting9 (hunting9 0 Linden)
3. Outfit: +grasp+/1st annversary special prize/womens (hunting9 0 Linden)
4. Outfit: Amerie - Maid (hunting9 0 Linden)

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