Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancing *ENCEMBLE*

Having a dance on a giant turntable in sweet dresses from *ENCEMBLE*. But sadly this will be only possible till the end of this month. The store is going to close at the 31th of May. Thats at least what i understood with the help of a translation program.
Left: *ENCEMBLE*lleria Set*Black*OPEN Gift*PigSight (1 Linden)
Right: *ENCEMBLE*Item Camp#4*Shanty Set*Purple* (20 Minutes camping)
Trousers: (Slow Kitchen)Mannish_pants(red) (15 minutes camping)
Turntable: Yellow Snow : *YS* Turn Table (Midnight mania board)

So here a picture of a freebie mix from Encemble. They are a mix of groupgifts, lucky board and camping items. The green trousers are a camp item from the next store slow kitchen.

Dresses: mixed freebies from Encemble
Green trousers: (Slow Kitchen)Mannish_pants(Green) (15 minutes camping)

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