Friday, May 14, 2010

Pam, pam, pam

a chicken tries to escape its rider. So it runs and runs but the tiny elephant has no mercy. It stays on the chicken and forces it to carry its heavy rider. But at least the elephant is dressed well in its flower dress.
Dress: :Twilight: Summer Tiny (75 Linden) (comes with the hat)
Chicken: Flights of Fantasy - Ridable Chicken - Shady Chicken (Midnight mania)

Here a picture of the dress on a model with more fur. The dress needs only 3 attatchment points, so its possible to ride on the chicken and still be decently dressed. Its also possible to get fitting sunglasses to the dress. The wings came with a rfl donation item from the fantasy faire from lil'verse.
Glasses: :Twilight: Tiny Sunglasses (pink glitter) (5 Linden)

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