Friday, May 14, 2010

The adventurous dragon

A dragon sneaked out of the water. It wiggled it claws for a moment in the water. Then it started to roam around.
After a while it found a shiny treasury box. So it crawled into the box. And searched in it.
At the end it found a pretty dress and decided to run home again.
The tiny dragon avatar is the gift from Sterling Artistry from the Dragon Hunt. In my opinion its the best gift in the whole hunt. The avatar works with the normal huds for tinies (Tinymations + tiny couple animations from abranimations) and is just lovely. It comes with two kinds of heads - a smoking one and one without smoke. So hurry to Sterling Artistry Eyes and search for the hatching dragon to become a dragon yourself.
Avatar: Sterling Artistry : sa Li'l Dragon tiny avatar, green/orange (Dragonhunt gift 0 Linden)

This gown is an other gift from the dragonhunt. Its pretty but well nothing is more fun than a small dragon.

Dress: :KR: The Dragon - Mandarin gown (Dragonhunt gift 0 Linden)

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