Saturday, May 15, 2010


Some days ago a small store has opened. The name of it is *Kawaii*. And so are the outfits from this store. This is a subscriber item from this store. The textures of the pants are very nice.

Outfit: *Kawaii* - Group Gift (Subscriber gift)
Tattoo, Tail and Ears: Dreams - Dark Katz Hunt (0 Linden)

Very pretty are those saris from the store. They come with shiny textures. Its possible to wear the shawl either around your neck or over your shoulder. Or wear the outfit without the shawl.
Dresses: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dresses (Fatpack 1000 Linden)
1: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Torquoise Blue) (140 Linden)
2: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Brilliant Rose) (140 Linden)
3: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Persimmon) (140 Linden)
4: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Dark Salmon) (140 Linden)
5: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Alizarin) (140 Linden)
6: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Forest Green) (140 Linden)
7: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Aqua) (140 Linden)
8: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Byzantium) (140 Linden)

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