Saturday, May 15, 2010

Myth and Legends Hunt 2

Today the myth and legends hunt started. Here is a link to the blog with the hints.

This is the gift from Mystic hope. It contains a gown for women and a suit for men. They fit very well together so it might be a good idea to wear the outfits when going dancing together.
Outfit: Mystic Hope : M&L Hunt Gift Men - Sir Transylvania (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ : Andor Hair - Sapphire (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Boots: .::Delirium:: Fallen Angel Mens Boots (MHO 0 Linden)
Dress: Mystic Hope : M&L Hunt Gift Women - Lady Transylvania
Hair: Magika - Juliette (B&W: Midnight) (0 Linden)

These set looks rather nice but when you have a closer look at the textures of the outfits your skin starts to itch. The cloth looks like it is rather itchy. But beside this the outfits have both very well made textures - they wouldn t be well made if they wouldn t cause the feeling of itching skin - and also those outfits are great as they fit so well together. The dress is build on an intresting way. The upper part is a prim.
Dress: Romance in Prims : Royal (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)
Suit: Romance in Prims : Royal (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Akin Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)

Those butterfly wings are the gift from *The Faerie Wind*. Just when i went to the store i saw a lot of people and found out that they have been there to get the dress which is seeable on the picture. Its a gift for the members of Fab Free group.
Dress: *The Faerie Wind* : Paula Complete Outfit (Fab free gift 0 Linden)
Wings: *The Faerie Wind* M&L Hunt Gift (0 Linden)
Shoes: Caverna Obscura : May Groupgift (0 Linden)

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