Saturday, May 15, 2010

News from 22769

22769 have lots of new stuff since today. This black outfits is the gift from the fallen angels hunt. I like that it looks good as set but that the parts are also well combineable with other stuff. I see that as one of the major qualities of this store. I also like that the clothes seem to be made for men but fit both genders well.
Outfit: 22769 Fallen Angels Huntgift (0 Linden)

This is the monthly groupgift. Its a batik shirt with a bit torn jeans. As the hippie outfit fits so well to the hippie pose and props from the chanimations lucky chair the guys from 22769 even asked me to model it for them so my male me has managed to get on the official picture of the outfit *brag* *brag* *brag*.
Outfit: 22769 groupgift may 2010 (0 Linden)
Pose and props: (*chanimations "A Retro-Valentine's" (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

22769 take part in the myth and legends hunt 2. For this they made this hermes outfit. As vain female i was unwilling to wear the hermes helmet as it destroyed my hairstyle. But as man i was willing to wear it. I love the tone of brown they used for this outfit. It looks great with the gold.
Outfit: 22769 Myths And Legends 2 Huntgift - Hermes (0 Linden)

And 22769 made a new outfit for women. Its a steampunkthemed outfit but it works also well as hippie outfit. Here a similar brown tone like at the hermes outfit got used. I had to giggle when i saw the tramplike hat.
Here its more easy to see the gloves. In my opinion its amazing how well the browns and red and orange fit together. The skirt comes with an resize script.
Outfit: 22769 vintage luzie (390 Linden)
Poses and Props: (*chanimations Gift Spring 2010 - "SingBird" (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

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