Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday at the dock

Its my birthday today so i was quite happy to get a very great gift with the help of a midnight mania board. Its a dock.
It could rezz a lot of items. Even comfy chairs.
And its possible to have a talk with friends while swimming.
Or to cuddle with some friends.
I was rather surprised when getting this dock through a midnight mania board. It has a great rezzer so it has between 10 and 41 prims. Included are lots of single poses and also the possibility to cuddle as couple. To sit on the deck you have to choose to sit on the smaller cloth at the ladder. If you want to rezz something touch the big cloth which lays over one of the pillars for 4 seconds.

Deck: CORBIN COAGE CREATIONS : The old worn Dock (899 Linden or Midnight mania board)

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