Friday, June 4, 2010

Eating cupcake at Deviance

In one of the best hunts i ever did i won this blue bell dress at Deviance. Yesterday i was also at Deviance and had some cupcake there. So in some of the cupcakes i ate i found little gifts. And one of them was the dress out of that hunt.
Dress: * Deviance * - Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited)

Going on eating i found those pirate outfits. They come without shoes but the floor was cold so i pounced a lady who was standing next to me and stole her shoes. Arrrr
Outfit left: * Deviance * - Pirate Mate (Pink)
Outfit right: * Deviance * - Pirate Mate (teal)

After so much food i felt the need to go for a walk. So i tried doing the bluebird hunt. But it was too tricky so i only found the skateboard but on a lucky board i won a jacket. Depressed i decided to eat more. In the next piece i found trousers.
Jacket: >KAGUYAHIME< Jerseys! (lucky board)
Trousers: * Deviance *- Kitty Stampede Jeans (Dark Blue & Faded)

So i thought well one last bite and won this black outfit. When recognizing being nearly naked i uses my new wings and flew home as fast as possible.

Outfit: * Deviance * - Demon's Mistress (black & white)

For this blog i used the wonderful *Posey* poses from No Strings Attached. Im very excited about those poses as they are well made and the one i used for the blue belle dress is quite unique in my opinion. They are available in a normal and a mirrored version each set for 150 Linden.

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