Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching Stars

Hunting is fun when the items are hidden not so tricky and if there are no fake gifts and so on. So I loved doing the shooting star hunt. I think i needed about maybe an hour to do that hunt which goes through 20 japanese stores. You search for a star which jumpes around and when you are near it you have to try to catch it by writing catch in channel 7 (/7 catch). I found it as best solution to copy /7 catch and to paste it as quickly as possible when standing near the star. As the hunt is quite easy i decided to post only the startpoint which is here.

The prizes of the hunt are quite nice. For example those outfits. The hair are also items from the hunt as well as the skin in the middle.
The last hunt item is the best in my opinion. Its a very well made chair. The textures are great and it has 9 positions to sit.
On the picture of the chair i wear this great dress. I blogged it some month before but i still love it so i thought it might be a good idea to show it again.
Dress: Orquidea RL collection dress Style1 (200 Linden)

Poses: NSA : Posey poses (150 Linden per set)

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