Thursday, June 3, 2010


I decided to renovate our flat so i got myself a stepladder. When i started to climb onto it everything was fine.
Also when i moved the picture a bit around.
But somehow it was not really a good idea to do the renovation in high heels. So i fell off the ladder.
After some moments of whimpering, i started to pose on the ladder.
But when i saw myself in the window i decided to do some sports. So i started some situps with the help of the ladder.
Then i trained my arms.
At the end i was very exhausted and needed a rest.
I love the new stepladder props from *FD* Poses. Those ladders are good looking and they contain six poses. On the pictures i also wear the new tube tops from foxxy designs. They are rather sweet and come in many colours. I like the olive one with the strawberry coloured patterns at the top and the bottom best.

The Stepladders are sold in many colours. For the pictures with the little story i used the one in metal. But they are also available in Black, Oak and Beachwood. I like the beachwood one best and that one is on sale for 50 Linden until 6th of June. The green tube top is also on sale till that day so it only costs 10 Linden. I need to mention, that the designer of the Top is one of those smart ones who sell their stuff on all layers.

Of course guys have also a thing for renovating and ladders in general. So there is also a version for guys available. Not of the tube tops but of the ladders. So the sitting poses are different and of course guys do not pose sexy - well some do - but they like to show off. So there is that cool Handstand pose in the version for the guys instead of the sexy posing pose.

Ladder: *FD POSES* Stepladder (250 Linden copy perms.)
Tops: Foxxy Design : Tube Top - sold in olive, pink, lilac, blue and green (85 Linden)

Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * jeans blu scuro ::low rise:: (113 Linden)
Legwarmers: * [DIAPOP] * pointe black legwarmer (belong to flats and cost with the shoes 160 Linden)
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * antlers ::dutch orange:: (Gatcha 30 Linden)
Highheels: * [DIAPOP] * :kitsch'ily zebra's (150 Linden)
Flats: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)

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