Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Girls with guns

A girl standing innocent around taking care that nobody enters the house. Its a bit boring so she uses her gun to train her armmuscles.In the next floor an other girl takes care that nobody gets close to the house. So she looks out of the window while walking slowly through the room.
The guns are from some midnight mania boards at ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc.. They could be drawn and when touching them a menu appears. With that you could choose between three poses, a standing one, a kneeling one and a lying one for sniper fun. Its even possible to choose to activate a silencer. Of course you also could have different kind of bullets.
For this entry i used two colourful skins with cute makeup. The left one is from the lucky board at Eternity. The one with the blue dots in the face is from the whats your sign hunt. Its from the starting point from the aquarius path.
Left: .:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:. ~eternal love~ skin (LB only) (0 Linden lucky board)
Right: Dulce Secrets Mainstore : #001 WYS Aquarius Dulce Secrets (0 Linden Hunt gift)

The brown dollie dress is from the blue blood midnight mania board. In that colour its perfect for crawling through the bushes so you could wear it while spending time with a guerrilla unit. The white lace dress is a groupgift from ribbon.
Brown dress: +++BB+++ Rachel OCRE (SPECIAL COLOR EDITION) (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Lace dress: *RibboN*LaceDress for GIFT (0 Linden group gift)
Ak-47: ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc. : [KAMUFLASH] Eckert AK-74 (0 Linden Midnight mania)
M4: ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc. : [JOSHI] M4 Rifle w gl (0 Linden Midnight mania)

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