Friday, September 17, 2010

Little dog gone bad

Jumping through the garden to train to catch a little nasty and fast dog at the roman sim. The Otukimi hunt started today on the Roman sim. You hunt for a little dog. The items are hidden on tricky places but its do able. Some great stores take part in the hunt. Like Tomoto, likka house, Lika Ruby or 129*129. So here some hunt items:
1. *+.RosePrincess.+* Hasu_Meigetsu (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
2. LIKKA*HOUSE RinRIn-bunny- : Otsukimi hunt prize (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
3. *SilverRoseDesign* Otsukimi Hunt Gift (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
4. Top: !129129**031_SHIRT_ROMAN_BLACK (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
Trousers: *MTU J-Style::Demin & Tshirt Set (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
5: Top: +Lika Ruby+Tee Moon (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
6: tomoto, kimono Otsukimi usagi (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
7: *MTU J-Style::Demin & Tshirt Set (Roman hunt 0 Linden)

The outfit on the first picture is the gift from honey kitty and named moon bunny. The hunt will end at the 26th September. The starting point is here. The gifts are hidden all over the sim. Most hunt items are not hidden in stores.

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