Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kawaii Snow White

Snow white wandering through the mountains eating a tasty apple and finding some cute treasures. And the apple is just so tasty.

The snow white hunt started today and there are some cute gifts in the hunt. For example this dress from likka house. It comes with different skirts and even in a torn bikini version. Useful for example when snow white wants to manippulate some dwarfs. Dress: LIKKA*HOUSE Snow White?? : *SW* Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)

But there are some more gifts in the hunt. So here some of them. The zebra is from the neon frog midnight mania board. Its a very well made animal. The creator needed only 13 prims for the zebra. And of course the t-rex which was some time ago on the midnight mania board at that store is looking forward on meeting the zebra.

1.: *GR*twilight snow white hunt gift (0 Linden hunt gift)
2.: SW Hunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden hunt gift)
3.: Top: Lark - Apple Bee Corset (0 Linden hunt gift)
Trousers: =IZUMIYA=Kawaii Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)
Shoes: Kawaii Hunt - 05 - Scribble (0 Linden hunt gift)
Necklace: Frippery : ~The Blood of the Rose Necklace (0 Linden hunt gift)
4.: ***Ambrosia***Polka Dots dress[pink] (0 Linden hunt gift)
5.: Top: =IZUMIYA=SW Hunt/Apple T Shirt (0 Linden hunt gift)
Trousers: =IZUMIYA=Kawaii Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)
6.: !129129**038+046 (0 Linden hunt gift)
7.: ***Ambrosia***Blanche-Neige comme Rose (0 Linden hunt gift)

Zebra: Neon Frog Studios : Zebra (0 Linden on the Midnight mania or 700 Linden if you buy it)

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