Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow walking

Slow baking and cooking is latly not as popular as it uses to be in germany. So sitting in the white with a zebra and spend some time on slow drinking. Before i performed some slow walking at the Rue D'Antibes. There is currently a great hunt taking place and the gifts are not only clothes. For example the gift from Second Spaces. Its table with fitting seats and lamps and some more decoration. The Zebra isn t in the gift but was attracted by the parasol. Table and so on: #26. Second Spaces (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)
Zebra: Neon Frog Studios : Zebra (0 Linden on the Midnight mania or 700 Linden if you buy it)

An other nice hunt gift is this purple flower dress. It comes with two skirts which are mod so its possible to make the outfit fit smaller avis (or bigger ones). The texture of the lace is very detailed.
Dress: *Reale* Margarida dress (purple) (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

The hunt gift from WAP is a short jacket with a shirt under it and a very short skirt. It looks comfy and because the skirt is so short it also looks a bit sexy. The red hair is also a gift from the Rue D'Antibes hunt. The gift contains the haircut in all normal haircolours and also some which are not found in rl without the help of a barber.
Dress: .:WAP Design:. Outfit Urban [1] (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy - Calico's Picks (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

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