Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Metalic flowers

The marble statue stood for ages all alone in a lost garden. The statuary who built her became mentally ill when working on her hair. So all people supposed that the statue was cursed. But one day a magical breeze came down the mountains and the statue started to walk around. Slowly having problems with the balance but she managed to walk around. Then she opened her eyes and saw all the flowers around her. Some flew through the air and she had fun with blowing her breath on them.
But then she suddenly lost her balance and fell into the grass. It was soft so luckyly she didn t break but she saw something glittering on the ground. Wasn't that the flower she just breathed on? It was transformed to metal.
She wrapped the flowers together and made herself jewlery out of it. Then she spend some more time on blowing her breath on flowers of all kinds and forming it into jewlery.
Happiness Shared is the latest release from Frippery a jewlery store located on the Oubliette sim. The creator of the jewlery seems to be a very patient person. It must take ages to create so detailed and perfect jewlery. All the sets contain earrings, a bracelet, a ring and a necklace.
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Apple & Clay

The sets are available in six colours. From yellow to blacks. I like the one in Blueberry best. The items are non copy but trans so they are a great gift. Or you could loan the jewlery to your friends.
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in The Basics (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Plum & Dusk (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Raspberry & Pink Lemonade (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Blueberry & Sky (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Tangerine & Sunshine (450 Linden)

For the statue pictures i used the Stoned Roses Skin from .UEVOLI. .

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