Friday, September 10, 2010

Inner Universe


Sometimes the prettiest places in Second Life, are also the least populated.


I found this Starbucks today while wandering around SL. It's back to school for me, and I found it kind of funny to visit the place I usually see every day on campus.


Except this one is empty, and comes with custom sky settings. No crowds, no textbooks, and certainly no one surprising me with an unwanted pop quiz.

Still, I visit this shop as someone fondly visiting an old neighborhood they used to live in.


Why do we play this game? What's in it for us to visit a world with an infinite horizon? We'll never reach the edge of the universe here, despite our subconscious efforts to do so. Our curiosity can never be sated, because there's always something new to explore.


Perhaps we play, because we really want to explore ourselves. By diving into a virtual world, we explore what we like and dislike, and learn more about ourselves along the way.


Here's to the stranger experiences and what they can teach us.


Shirt: 22769 Ethnic Comfi Jumper, L.
Pants: #Before Sleep# Brave Shorts, 40L.
Boots:  from Lady Gaga Black Crown Fashionista (Xstreet), 160L.

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  1. Awesome post. I loved it, pictures and all. Thanks for this, Aemeth. <3