Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vampire Huntress

In the morning the mighty huntress of all bloodless spends time with sports. First she searches for something to balance on to do some yoga. To be able to deal with cold feet she soon gets rid of her flip flops and bances bare foot on the cold steel while stretching her legs.
But even a huntress needs some more clothes when going hunting so she puts on boots and trousers and trains while wearing them.
She fights against invisible enemies. Testing if she could hold the balance while wearing a coat. It simply looks better while fighting.
Then she moves to her hands and knees and trains what do to when a bloodless one had managed to get her onto the floor. But she allready recognizes that she is getting hungry so she jumps off the building and searches the next bakery to get a croissant.
The Nightwalker outfit is the latest release from Ezura. With that name it reminds of course on vampire films. The set comes on all layers and with three kind of trousers and two kinds of tops. You should either wear it with hotpants or long trousers (low rise and normal ones). The top comes in a short and in a long version. They both have pretty patterns on it. The short top has a very nice cut as the texture in the middle is cut out.
I love knives so im very glad about the knive for the shoulder and the leg which are included into the outfit.
The groupmembers of Ezura get the outfit for a lower price. It is also for sale on xstreet for 300 Linden. Of course even vampire hunters do not always wear black so its also available in white and red.
The laces for the ankles are from the ribbon lucky board.

Outfit: + ezura + Nightwalker Set *Black (458 Linden or 229 Linden for groupmembers, or 300 Linden on xstreet)
Laces for the ankles: *RibboN*Lace_Bu-san(LB) (0 Linden Lucky board)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots White (normaly 329 Linden but they got a 50% sale so they are at 149 Lindens at the moment)

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