Sunday, September 5, 2010

Orquidea revisited

Orquidea is a store for great outfits for women. Well textured, creative and unique. So it was time to have again a look at that store. What i like most at Orquidea is that they manage to make great dresses without using many prims. So its not needed to spend ages on a posestand to make an outfit fit.

During the fifa world cup Qrquidea took part in the go4goal hunt. They had a uniform like outfit with an african pattern in it. That outfit is also available in other colours in the store. For example in purple. It comes with a hat which is called schiffchen in german.Outfit: ORQUIDEA Major Doll Purple (265 Linden)

The store also took part in the song lyrics hunt. Now the corset which was the hunt gift got turned into a complete outfit with fitting trousers and bangles for the arms. It is also available in a brown golden steampunk version.
Outfit: ORQUIDEA EARTHBOUND (270 Linden)

My favourite dress from Orquidea is this black one. It comes with a top which looks like being made of lace with something white under it and a skirt which is made of a shiny material. Both parts are joined with a belt like bow. The skirt has a petticoat in blue/silver.
Dress: Orquidea RL collection dress Style1 (200 Linden the dress is also available in RL)

Im not a big fan of pink but this pink dress is great. It has only one halter and looks sexy and elegant at the same time in my opinion. It comes with a little flower for the hair. Im always surprised when seeing that its a dress being made with a system skirt which looks good on small avatars. A designer who manages to use the systemskirt layer without ruining the whole outfit must be really talented in my opinion.
Dress: Orquidea - Moonlight Kiss in Cherry (250 Linden)

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