Friday, October 29, 2010

Boredom in a spaceship

Even if its a fast one traveling in a spaceship could take ages. So when all the films on the harddrive have been watched three times, all the cookies are eaten and the AI of the spaceship knows all the jokes you could tell her, boredom takes place.So you could spend time with dressing and undressing yourself, taking off skirts, flirting with the AI.
But flirting with a spaceship is not such a smart idea. It normaly causes that the temperature in the ship starts to rise, and the passengers have the choice to take off their clothes or to sweat.
The Burlesque Victorian Vampiress is the latest release from Ezura. Its a burlesque dress with a lot of cute details for example the cuffs of the gloves look like having batwings. Also the collar looks like having those. The outfit comes with stockings, suspenders, a ruffle skirt and a red corset. You could wear it with or without the skirt.

Outfit: + ezura + Burlesque Victorian Vampiress *Red + Black Set (498 Linden or 249 Linden for group members)

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