Friday, October 29, 2010


x62ppq worked since the moment she had been activated in section BB2QR. That means she was busy to control that no natural life made its way in the forbidden sector. But one day she was inspecting some old cellars, which looked like having been build by the extincted race of the creators, and fell into something green and slimy. When waking again she felt strange and she was shocked about seeing herself mirrored in the dirty water. Her face didn t consist of shiny metal anymore somehow she turned green. When realising that she felt shocked she was even more shocked. At least her parser was still working so she was able to communicate with the strange little furry android she met. Its logic was so ineffective. But she supposed that it was a real old model.
x62ppq hoped that the rat might be able to help her. At least it would be logical that it was in those cellars to repair and controll them so it also should be able to repair her. But the rat only spoke about mutation and a distant cousin with the name Algernon. It also recommented to controll how far the mutation went.
So x62ppq took off the upper part of her uniform to take a look at herself. When realizing that going back would mean deactivation she decided to flee.
Fallen Gods have skins again on the fortune teller. This time its a green skin fitting to halloween. They also got a lucky dip where you could win tattoos which look like being made of a very different skin than your own. Of course the items are very well made - they are from fallen gods - and are great for roleplay. The uniform will be the male gift from 22769 in the silkroad hunt. I love the patterns. Of course the clothing is made more with having asia in mind but me it also reminded on a futuristic uniform so i used it in this blog entry. The gifts from fallen goods will be available until halloween is over and the silkroad hunt will start at 1. November. The poses with the rat are all from No Strings Attached. They are sold at the moment at the gatcha party at for the love of halloween.
Skin: IRRADIATE xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortunes Skin (lucky Fortune 0 Linden)
Outfit: 22769 silkroad hunt gift : 22769 vintage bibac (m) (0 Linden Huntgift)
FALLENSTEIN female Legs +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female Chest +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female Arms +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
FALLENSTEIN female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Technologic (lucky dip 0 Linden)
Poses: No Strings Attached : A friend like Ben (it costs 35 Linden to play with the NSA Gatcha)

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