Friday, October 29, 2010

THH part 2 of 2: outfits and accessories

Okay I'm on a roll, look-out! Probably making-up for lost time no doubt. Here are a couple of super-cute dresses and accessories I found at the Tea House Hunt which will be over on October 30th so head on over there when you have a chance. Each hunt box is L$1.
*dg* Bunkadoll Doll Dress (full)
*dg* Bunkadoll Dress (detail)
Dress ~ *dg* Bunkadoll from the Tea House Hunt

:: fore :: Dress 01
complete with Cherry Blossom petals stuck to your lips <3
:: fore :: Dress 02
Hair ~ ++AY.LinE++ Darjeeling
Hair Accessories ~ duboo. cherryblossom headband
Dress ~ :: fore :: - tunkOP
Shoes ~ +mocha+ - Trad Style of Japan [Temari]
Skin ~ Mother Goose
AO ~ Gee_maigasa 2_7 Hunt (parasol) | ZHAO-II MB2.0.16[MAIGASA]2_1
All items above are found at the hunt location inside the tea house.

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