Thursday, October 28, 2010

THH part 1 of 2: shews..."let's get some!"

Haloo everyone! I had a chance to do a really quick dollarbie hunt today so I want to share some of the footwear I found at the Tea House Hunt that Ania mentioned in an earlier post:

Does he sing all your music while you dance to 'Purple Rain'? Because I certainly did when I wore these boots by R2 Fashion. I felt like busting out with a James Brown dance move.
Purple Boots (front)

And a gratuitous back shot because it's dee-licious.
Purple Boots (back)

Then these two pairs of lovely-comfy-cute things which came in one box even! The "Hunminjungum" and the "Cherry Blossom" by loveme.
Cherry Blossom

And last but not least, these adorable (limited edition red) legwarmers by tram in my favorite color:
Leg Warmers
The red boots are *NOT* part of the hunt. Only the red legwarmers in this pict. The red boots were from a lucky chair at Bukka months ago. The Tea House Hunt boxes are within the tea house itself and there are 22 boxes to find and only 1 1/2 SL days left to do it.

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