Saturday, November 27, 2010

X-mas is close

You could get x-mas sweets in the store here since september and now x-mas is also reaching second life. Stores start to put out lovely seasonal outfits. Pure Style put out some dollarbies. You could buy several of them and at the and you have about two or three complete outfits. I liked the red coat very much, the short red dress (it comes with two kinds of skirts) and the fur. So i got me those parts and they look really nice. Jacket: *~PS~*SanTa Jk (1 Linden)
Dress: *~PS~*mini Dress(darkRed) (1 Linden)
Fur: *~PS~*White Fur (1 Linden)

For walking the dog this poncho might be perfect. It comes from the Maknie lucky board in the KDC Mall. Its easy to resize so it also fits small avis. The trousers are a groupgift from Sweetest Goodbye.
Poncho: MAKNIE**many style Poncho(D) (0 Linden Lucky board you need to be a member of the kdc group)
Trousers: Sweetest Goodbye: [SG*} Group Gift Leggings (0 Linden)

November is nearly over but the november eyes from sterling artistry are still available. This month the eyes are brown and shiny. The skin is from the Mother's Goose lucky board.

Eyes: Sterling Artistry - November Freebies! (0 Linden)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SiSi(2)_LB (0 Linden Lucky board)


  1. The location "PS"/Pure Style with the Santa jacket and red dress shown in the top photo appears to be gone when you TP using the SLURL you have provided. It goes to land that is for sale, no shop is there. Is there an updated location for this place? I couldn't find it in search. Thank you in advance!

  2. Hey there, the shop owner lost her store i do not know more than what is on her blog but she sells the items now on the marketplace.