Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting for snow

Two girls had spend now two weeks on waiting for snow. But somehow there isn't one little snowflake seeable. So after a long snowball fight in the cellar (they used the ice from the freezer) they decided to train for winter. In the cellar they also found their old sledge which seemed to be perfect for some wintertraining. Soon they recognized that pulling a sledge over grass is hard work. It was time to train falling from the sledge. It worked allready well.
At the end they looked rather tired and their clothes had become very dirty because of all the falling from the sledge. So they just spend some time with sitting on the sledge and having a talk (bigtalking about future snowmans and snowball fight tactics).
No Strings attached take part in the Hunt. For that Milli created a lovely sledge which could be used by two persons and fitting winter things like gloves, cute hats and scarf and winterboots. The items are all wellmade (she is only able to create great things). The facetattoo with the frostbite is an A:S:S groupgift. And its great. I love how it changes the look of the avatar into a freezing beeing which needs a cup of hot milk as soon as possible. The pasties are contained in a freebie outfit from Dr. Wraithwire. The shorts and the black dress come from the snatch lucky chair.

Winterstuff and Sledge: 'NSA' - Sled & Zassy Snazzy Snow Gear (10 Lindens WLFhunt)
Facetattoo: A:S:S Groupgift - Frostbite (0 Linden Groupgift)
Pasties: (NB) Dr. Wraithwire's Symbiote Nibbler Set (0 Linden)
Hotpants: Sn@tch Basix Shorts (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Dress: Sn@tch Daily Circus (0 Linden Lucky chair)


  1. BOOTs!!! where they from??

  2. The boots belong to the hat, scarf and gloves so they are also from No Strings Attached. (NSA)

  3. Hello, looks like fun :)

    can I ask, is there more than one prize at NSN?
    all I found is a prize with red gloves and hat.