Thursday, November 25, 2010

Danielle anniversary

From the 26th to the 30st Danielle is celebrating their first anniversary. Of course that means there will be some nice things available for the customers. For example at the 26 it will cost 20 Linden to join the group instead of 200 Linden. Being in the Danielle group is quite cool as you often get gifts and could win things on the midnight mania.

A hunt will take place. In it you could find for example this metalic top. The necklace will be on the midnight mania from 27th to 30st. Top: DANIELLE Leather Top Purple hunt (0 Linden)
Necklace: DANIELLE Boomy Necklace (0 Linden MM but you have to be a member of the Group)
Trousers: DANIELLE Africa Brown Jeans (not free)

The blue golden dress will be an other hunt gift. It comes with a resizescript so it might be possible to wear it kneelong and in tealength.
Dress: DANIELLE Noenna Flexi Turquoise hunt (0 Linden)
Earrings: DANIELLE Glamour Sapphire Earrings hunt (0 Linden)

At the 26th there will be also a special gift on the midnight mania board. A romantic dress which reminds a bit on the 70ties with its colour and the flowers on the skirt. Of course it comes with gloves.
Gown: DANIELLE Romance Orange MM item (0 Linden but you have to be a member of the Group)

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