Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey funeral

It was the same every Thanksgiving. The last turkeydrumstick somehow disappeared. It was always the one he planed to eat last because supposing it would be the best part of the whole turkey. But he never found it when he wanted to eat it. He didn t suppose that his partner ate it. She was a vegetarian for years and always a bit angry when he insisted on having a turkey at thanksgiving. She even seemed to bury birds which didn t manage to go on their journey to south in the garden. He had seen the little graves but never actually seen one of her bird funerals. But when seeing her with the turkeydrumstick he suddenly had an idea about the birds she burried around Thanksgiving.The Wasn't me pose comes from No Strings Attached. Its a funny thanksgiving pose. Of course its made for people who want to eat the last turkeydrumstick themself those who plan to give the turkey a decent funeral are only allowed to use it.
The Pose is available in the taste of SL this weekend.
The clothes Paco wears on the picture will soon be released by 22769 and the clothes of the female avatar are freebies from Honey Kitty.

Pose: 'NSA' - Wasn't Me! (TOSL incl turkey leg) (50 Linden)

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