Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifts from Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tinsley must be the most patient person i know. She loves to build wonderful jewlery with many many details. And her creations are all unique. Either with funny creatures like her halloween sets or just wonderful like the flower wristlets, earrings and necklaces she builds. I m not able to imagine how patient somebody must be who is able to build a necklace using more than 200 (sculpted) prims. I would go crazy when doing something like that.
Beside being creative Elizabeth is also very nice and friendly and has a big heart. It needs to be added that she is also witty and helps in unique situations like when i need a quick language help when being roleplaying and not able to understand some slang words or do not know the meaning of a figure of speech. To keep it short i would definitly call her a friend (i would say even she is a great friend but that might make her blush).
This year she is going to give great gifts for christmas. From now until Saturday, December 25, 2010 people could come to her store - Frippery - and choose their favourite piece. Then they could send Elizabeth a notecard with the name of the piece and the person who would like it for christmas. As all her items are no copy but trans this means its even possible to gift the gift from Elizabeth somebody else.
Here a link to all the posts which have been tagged with Frippery As seeable on the picture Elizabeth is a very cute and nice Woman so if you desperatly want to spend time with her instead of getting one of the pieces, she built, its also possible to write her a notecard asking if she would like to come iceskating with you.
So if you d like to visit Elizabeth's store here is the link to Frippery.

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