Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dancing Goddess

Today she used let others call her Marie Rozier. Her colleagues at the french cabaret thought all that she would need everyday two hours to put the golden colour on her skin. Secretly they all hoped she would thell them how she managed to put the colour so even on her skin. Marie wasn't able to give any makeup advise. She didn't even have a real skin. Centuries ago she had been turned into a half - goddess. Her task was to watch over the forest, to change the weather lightly so that all plant would grow and her former tribe would prosper.
The transforming was more than painful. And indeed her humanbody died while she was put into liquid gold which floated into every pore of her skin. Marie had not been forced to do this but she had been tricked. The priests told her that she would become as mighty as a normal god and would also live in their plane. It was true that she could reach the plane of the gods of her people but being there hurt even more than the ritual she beared.
Her first act as new born goddess was to kill the priests. That made her feel a bit better but it didn't help the people she had belonged to.
First she avoided helping the forest. She spend time on wandering and bathing and swimming. Her body was heavy but she was a bit like a golem made of gold without the annoying sides of being a golem. She had no master and also no need to carry paper in her mouth.
Soon she wasn't able not to help. She helped a tree grow. Moved a cloud a bit closer and found out that she was able to talk with all the animals. She liked talking with birds best.
They told her everything she needed to know. If hunters broke her laws, if somewhere was an ill animal who needed a quick death the birds knew it and told it to her.
When dancing on the pole being watched by men, she would have killed when being on the top of her power she felt envy on the priests she had killed so long time ago. That was the real curse of being a half goddesss. She was not able to die, although the time she was needed was long ago.
The golden skins belong to the IRRADIATE Skins from Fallen Gods inc. As the electric ones they are available in 10 colours. Those skins reminded me on Inca and all their painful rituals and their gold and on the jungle. But as seen the skin works also for a dancer. Or for a character i could not even think of. The skins are great, they look even better with the glow attachments and its fun to wear them. The pictures have been taken on the grendels children sim, its a very pretty place its only a bit annoying that people shoot all the time on you.
The leaf lingerie comes from a store for mainly fantasy clothing (and lingerie) named Chaospire. The set is rather well textured. It is no copy but trans so its maybe even a nice late gift for christmas as the store is having a 50% sale till end of December.
The poses used in this blog entry come mainly from No Strings Attached.

Skins: IRRADIATE xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ GOLD (990 Linden one skin, 5600 Linden for the fatpack with 10 skins and a facetattoo)
Outfit: Chaospire "Woodnymph" Complete Fantasy Outfit (600$ at the moment 300$)

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