Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice skating

Spending some time with iceskating. But as being really brilliant in it and a even better in bragging about it nobody wanted to come with me. So having to skate all alone. At least that means that nobody could disturb me.
The wonderful purple iceskating dress is a lucky board item from evie's closet. As a decent iceskating dress it is very short. The dress could be worn either with stockings or without and has the option to wear it with long sleeves. The name of the dress is Elizabeth, which reminds me on an other Oubliette Girl - Elizabeth Tinsley, the owner of Frippery - who created fitting jewlery to the Elizabeth dresses. The Jewlery is available in silver and in gold as i like silver much more than gold here a picture of the silver version. The set includes earrings, a necklace and a wristlet.
Jewlery: Frippery : ET~The Faerie Queene - Silver/Plum (400 Linden)

Here a picture of the iceskating dress worn with long arms. Worn this way you wear kind of a jacket made of the same material as the dress over the dress. The pose in the front was made by a third Oubliette-Girl, Milly Santos. She owns No Strings Attached my favourite store for poses as she has so great ideas.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* Elizabeth Skating Outfit - Purple (0 Linden lucky board)
Pose in the front: 'NSA' - Dagmar Elegante (35$ for one pose or 150$ for the set)

The pictures on the ice have been taken with the KAMI-HITOE Iceskating ao (that store is also known for making the best mermaid aos). The ao is also available on the Oubliette sim. Its a great ao. For example on the picture below is the crouch move shown.

AO: :KH: Ice Skate AO (700 Linden)

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