Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've called this post Chocolate because not only am I an addict of the stuff itself, it just sounds a little more glamorous than brown, which is basically all this outfit consists of. I even changed my usually green eyes just to be consistent with the theme, now how's that for commitment, especially since you can't even see my eyes! ( hence no link for them). If you like the boots ( which I adore and you'll see me wearing them on many occasions)  there is also a purple pair available free as a group gift at the main Courtisane store.

Hair: Free HCT - Vanessa - coffee@ savoir hair
Trousers: Free lucky board  part of a mutli-pack ( half pants in brown) >  .:[K]:.
Top: Free- seasons hunt item ( look for the snowman)  > Ingenue
Scarf: Free group gift (part of the 'naturalizer' outfit) >Bubblez design
Boots: L$1 - Courtisane boots @ Enky's dollar store

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