Saturday, January 22, 2011

Everything's just peachy

  Ok so the Jacket is a steal at 1L from Lemon Ginger and it's all  peachy for me! I  have a few of these scarves from Milk Motion, and so you can imagine how thrilled I was to pick up this freebie at the Euphoria hunt to add to my collection. Along with the freebie jeans from Doppelganger at the Seasons hunt and the free hair from Exile , I think on this occasion it would be a positive thing to call me cheap. P.s still haven't found any culottes bah!.

Jeans: Free seasons hunt item > Doppelganger
Jacket: L$1 cotton Linen jacket > Lemon Ginger
Scarf: Free Euphoria hunt item > Milk Motion
Hair with multi texture change hat: Free gift Jane - brown sugar  > Exile
Shoes ( no longer available sorry )

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